Introductory Questions

1. My name is Bridget Halliday. I'm a Communication Design major and a junior.

2. I'm taking this class because a) it's required for me and b) because I'm genuinely interested in learned a bit of coding!

3. I have no experience with HTML/CSS/JS.

4. I hope to have just a better understanding of coding since I'm coming to this class with no previous knowledge.

5. Designing on screen allows for more flexibility with how you're communicating, such as using motion!

6. I think Flourish does a great job of using color and motion and hierarchy. The transitions between pages on their site is also really well done.

7. I think Northwestern Medicine is an example of a website with effective communication. It is easy to navigate and the most important/common uses of the website are clearly displayed on the home page

8. While this choice may seem silly or childlike, American Girl's website does a great job at handling both adults shopping for kids and kids playing games. They've made a complex website feel simple.